Service Apartments in Gurgaon near Huda City Centre

By | August 12, 2015

Service Apartments in Gurugram near Huda City Centre – Best Place for Stay here…

Gurgaon being an attraction point of every city has become the hub of multinational companies and call centres. The city is giving earning sources to lakhs of people. Apart from the job purposes, Gurgaon is also famous for the real estate sectors. Outsiders and foreigners come there and invest their huge amount of money. Due to metro connectivity, Delhi and faridabad people are now well connected and comfortable while travelling Gurgaon for job or any training purposes.

Huda city Centre is the last metro station of Gurgaon. Being the last metro station, it is giving facilities to many people. Apart from this, HUDa City Center Metro station is also getting famous due to the Oyster Beach water park. It has given a plus mark to this place. Service apartments located neary Huda City metro Station will be facilitating people through many ways:
1. Easy to travel anywhere through connected areas
2. Well connected through friends, relatives and family
3. Save conveyance charges.
4. Save time

Apart from the transportation facilities, serviced apartments are quite near to fortis hospital as well. So you can avail the entertainment services and medical services without bothering too much traveling.

Sector 40 is also located nearby wherein Unitech Cyber Park is located which is also a big business centres.  Sector 40 market contains the shop of necessity items such as groceries, photographers, vegetables, parlours, salon, music and dance classes and many more.. Big school for children education and professional colleges are located nearby.

CNG and petrol pump station are also located nearby Huda City Metro Station. So one has huge facility not to wait long or to drive long to refill the CNG or petrol. So this is also a great advantage of having service apartments nearby Huda City Metro Station Gurgaon.

Having fully furnished room nearby Huda City Metro Station is itself a great advantage due to too many amenities and facilities. Book a room for short or long term requirement near Huda City Metro Station and save time and money by travelling less.